Please contact CTT for a full breakdown of costs or telephone us for more specific information. The list below is a summary of what we will charge for:

  1. An Initial Interview
    The Therapist will usually need to see a parent and the child at this first interview. This will help you decide if CTT is the right service for your child, and for the therapist to decide if she can help. During this interview, the therapist will ask you for background information, medical history and current causes for concern. She will also test your child, assessing his motor and sensory skills. This usually takes up to 60 minutes.
  2. Assessment and Report
    If a full assessment is required, this could include a standardised testing, clinical observations, observations in school, discussion and liaison with any other relevant professional. Costings will include the Occupational Therapist’s time, test equipment, and the report (2 copies). liaison with other professionals and may require a school visit.
  3. Travel
    This will be charged per hour traveled, plus a small charge per mile.
  4. Consultancy, Inset Training
    This will be charged per 1 and a half hours/the full day, mileage and photocopying will be extra.
  5. School Meetings and Other professional Meetings
    Extra charges will be made for the Occupational Therapist to attend a professional meeting to discuss her findings/report.